Lost with Snoop

December 2nd, 2009

Lost with Snoop Dogg, not anymore it seems that snoop dogg is teaming up with voiceskins to upgrade your tom tom for this. Wow hip hop has come a looonng way. First nelly’s pimp juice drink now this.

By Vincent “Baba Booey”

Volume 8

November 30th, 2009

Our theme for Volume 8 was mainly influenced by 90’s style west coast hip hop. A good example is the use of the D.A.R.E program design that we all grew up with, flipped to a harsher reality. The phrase that “drugs rule everything around me is not me discussing illegal narcotics, but if you take a look around hospitals and pharmaceutical companies are springing up everywhere and seem to be doing fine in this recession we are having. For electric relaxation we flipped the famous image to something more humorous by having him give the thumbs up while getting electrocuted to comment on the ironic glorification of trouble making that was huge back then. Without getting into too much detail take a look at the rest of the collection.


Vincent and Mikey

Black Friday Sale

November 27th, 2009

The sale started off great people were camping out, sleeping, playing videogames, and djing on their computers. Working these sales always brings back good memories of when I used to wait in line at sales, how I would camp out the night before and just play cards with friends until sunrise/sale began. Easiest and cheapest route is to go to Wal-Mart get a sleeping bag for $10-$20 dollars so you have something to sit on, get playing cards, bottles of water, ipod/mp3 player, and some snacks. Oh yeah and make sure to scout out an area where you can go to the restroom.

Mikey interviewed the first group that showed up and we found out that they have been there since 10-11pm of last night. Now that’s what I call support

The main attraction that caught everyone’s eye was the fact that this group brought their LCD tv, two xbox consoles, and modern warfare 2. Even Mikey is in awe.

The group even had a sleeping section in their van.

Brian got what he wanted at the sale. His very own custom Mercedes G wagon.

Thanks for showing up, waiting in line, and support

By Vincent “Baba Booey”

Gobble Gobble Day

November 27th, 2009

Hopefully everyone had a good Thanksgiving I know I did. Growing up in an Asian family I never really had the opportunity to have turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and all that good stuff. It was always fried rice, chow mein, lobster, and other stuff. Which isn’t a bad thing, but watching all these cartoon specials and hearing from my friends at school how they had this and that. So ever since my sister married into an American family we’ve had traditional Thanksgiving meals.

The lovely side dishes

Bird Bird Bird, Bird is the word.

Nope its not the surface of another planet it’s chocolate coconut cake.

Pecan Bars

The Biggest Crybaby

By Vincent “Baba Booey”

Blue Pill or Red Pill

November 25th, 2009

We all remember where that line was from. For those that don’t know let me help you out it’s from the infamous movie “The Matrix”. This video only took 440 hours of work, but that’s normal right.

By Vincent “Baba Booey”

Black Friday Warehouse Sale

November 24th, 2009

We have some new and old stock in various sizes.

Also, if any of you are familiar with Triumvir’s archives, you’re not gonna want to miss out on these limited throwbacks!

And since you’re going to be in the area already you might as well stop by our friendly neighborhood shop Intro, it’s right around the corner

-Mikey Boner

The Fly Skate Contest

November 21st, 2009

I stopped by Attic for their release with Fly Society and their skate contest.

Some familiar faces while chatting with the guys from Intro and Quintin.

Something unfortunate had to happen and it reminded of that infamous We Run NY shirt.

The Assist

The winning trick

Best day ever for the winner

What would a skate contest be without lovely ladies.

By Vincent “Baba Booey”

5 minutes of Free Time

November 20th, 2009

So between assisting with Triumvir, designing cakedout, and a little dash of side jobs, what happens when you get 5 minutes of free time? Well, just like I did for every class I’ve ever taken in my life, I doodle. Yesterday I was looking over Triumvir’s autumn/winter line and really took a look at the Madonna tee from the Triumvir Autumn line - Bind Faith. So when I picked up a random insert from one of brian’s old Smart magazines, I got started.

Burning the Midnight Oil

November 19th, 2009

Today was a long and eventful work day. The thing that people don’t expect to hear when you work in the fashion/streetwear industry is that you’re still working while others are eating dinner. It’s not your typical 9-5, but ranges more on what needs to get done and by when. I stayed a little bit later to learn more on the product shot aspect from Brian (Triumvir) and Lerche (Triumvir). We all didn’t get back at the normal work time as you can see pictured below, but the main difference when we’re bouncing back and forth from our duties for Triumvir/Cakedout is that we have passion for it. I’m not constantly staring at the clock to see when I can get out, but more on what I can finish compared to my old jobs when I’m waiting for that big hand to hit twelve so I can get the hell out of there.

Lerche in the Maltese Button Down

Good morning, and in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night.

By Vincent “Baba Booey”

Extra Extra Pt 2

November 17th, 2009

What’s going on everybody? Here are some more sneak peeks of Volume 8.



“Blow Pop”

By Vincent “Baba Booey”